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A pilot visiting the annual "Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven" Fly-In enjoys an early evening flight upriver to Hyner, PA, twenty miles from Lock Haven, location of the factory where thousands of Cubs just like this one were built.

Germany, April 1945: The Last dogfight pitting Americans and Germans was between a Piper L-4 "Cub" and a Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch." Two American Lieutenants (Francies and Martin) took the Storch under fire with their .45 pistols!  Storch forced down, occupants captured.  Story accompanies print.

Maytag Messerschmitts

Two Piper L-4's temporarily landed at a roadside field. A pilot confers with a tank commander. Cassino, Italy, 1943.

Italy, 1943. A.W. Schultz, artillery spotter plane pilot of Piper L-4 confers with an enlisted tank commander in a temporary field on the way to Cassino. Piper L-4's were wartime "Cubs," built by the thousands for liaison and artillery spotting. The term "Maytag Messerschmitts" was one of endearment: the little 65 horsepower tube-and-fabric machine could call down overwhelming shelling, far more fearsome than any mere fighter plane.

Class of 1946

Piper's Chief experimental Test Pilot, Clyde R. Smith, Sr. flies NX41561 through its first two hours of tests since she was renamed "PA-12 Piper Cub Super Cruiser." Lock Haven PA, May 16, 1946

The classiest of all Pipers (in the artist's opinion), resulted from efforts to offer an over-100mph airplane with comfort, looks, and economy to a postwar public ready for something better. Clyde R. Smith, Sr. tested this and many other Piper experimental ships in his 1941 to 1976 employment with the company. This painting commemorates the 50th anniversary of the PA-12 piper Cub "Super Cruiser" and of the largest production year of the Lock Haven-based corporation's business.

Homecoming Queen

A 1946 J-3 enters downwind for runway 27 at "home" - W.T. Piper Memorial Airport, in Lock Haven, PA where most Cubs were built. Veterans of the annual fly-in called "Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven" will recognize elements of the landscape: the floodprone Susquehanna River, the new dike construction (May '93 status) and the old Piper plant, all lying between the city of Lock Haven and the none-too-distant ridge which hunches up, often hidden in the near total obscurity of fog or clouds.

Original: 36" x 18" acrylic on canvas. Reproduction image 23" x 13" on 28" x 19" achival stock. Edition: 1,000 signed and numbered prints; 200 bear Bill Piper Jr.'s signature.

See You Next August

Piper PA-18-90 by Burt Mader

From my original oil painting. A Super Cub climbs out on departure from the annual "Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven" in Lock Haven PA. Weather will soon close the field, but this eastbounder will make it to his Marlboro Airport base in bright sunlight. The Super Cub shown is the property of Don La Courture, who owns Marlboro Airport (9B1), Mass. and is about to begin his 50th year of operation there.

Prints of this painting, 29" x 18", are in a limited edition of 1,000. Each, signed and numbered. 250 of the edition are also signed by Bill Piper, Jr.

Autumn Gold

A 1946 Piper J-3 Cub rises from Marlboro Airport (MA) in 1968. It's a bright crisp day in early fall. Typically crosswind, this short field makes good pilots. The artist is proud to have had his instruction here, and protrays his first solo flight in "Autumn Gold."

Original 40" by 30" acrylic on canvas. Reproduction image 24" x 18" on 30" x 25" archival stock. Edition: 1,000 signed and numbered prints, of which 100 bear the signature of Bill Piper, Jr. Original won "Par Excellence" award in EAA's Sport Aviation contest, 1993.

Super Cub's Day Off

A Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub is tied down outside, covered in snow, with an idling pickup for company. It's a lousy day, cold and dark - and the guys are warm and dry in its hangar. A heck of a way to treat a Super Cub.

Such has been the record of this versatile, short-field, load-lifting aircraft, that it has grown in desirability constantly, since its production started in 1949. The last Super Cub was built 44 years later, in 1993 - and demand has put the price for a used one today at a higher figure than Piper listed for new ones in 1983!

Original: 30" x 24" acryilc on canvas. Reproduction image 19" x 14" on 24" x 20" archival stock. Edition: 1,000 signed and numbered prints.


An M60A3 Battle Tank in qualification shoot.

An acrylic painting on canvas by Burt Mader, reproduced by offset lithography at 12"x20" image size on archival paper 17.5"x25". Limited edition of 1,000 signed and numbered by the artist.

Sand and Fire

An acrylic painting on canvas by Burt Mader, reproduced by offset lithography at 12"x20" image size on archival paper. 17.5"x25". Limited edition of 1,000 signed and numbered by the author.

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